Nickelodeon Games and Sports: All-Star Collection DVD

This collection of episodes from Nickolodeon’s competition lineup is awesome! It has episodes from Legends of the Hidden TempleNickelodeon GUTSFigure It Out: Family StyleFamily Double DareSuper Sloppy Double Dare and Nick Arcade!

Product Description

Get ready for some of the all-time greatest episodes of your favorite Nick game shows! Join Kirk Fogg & Olmec as they tell you Legends of the Hidden Temple, Mike O’Malley as he tests kids’ Guts, celebrity judges who are trying to Figure It Out, and more!


  • Legends of the Hidden Temple: “The Golden Cricket Cage of Khan” (Air: Sept. 19, 1993)
  • Legends of the Hidden Temple: “The Jewel Encrusted Egg of Catherine the Great”  (Air: Dec. 29, 1995)
  • Nickelodeon GUTS: “AJ “Mean” McLean/Amanda the Accelerator/Jamie the Jackal” (Air: Late 1992)
  • Nickelodeon GUTS: “Nervy Nikki/Tony the Tiger/Robert the Bull” (Air: Sept. 28, 1992)
  • Figure It Out: Family Style: “Aaron Carter/Kenan Thompson/Danny Tamberelli/Lori Beth Denberg”  (Air: May 25, 1999)
  • Family Double Dare: “The Kandy Kanes vs. The Holders”  (Air: Fall 1990)
  • Super Sloppy Double Dare: “Gabrielle and Dave vs. Carrie and Matt” (Air: Mid-1987)
  • Nick Arcade: “Joseph and Danielle vs. Charles and Kari” (Joey Fatone) (Air: Early 1992)