Clue Board Game Gets a Golden Girls Makeover

Golden Girls Clue Cover Box

The Golden Girls was a mainstay of the 90s TV landscape with its series end in 1992 and constant reruns afterwards. Sophia, Blanche, Rose and Dorothy will live on in an upcoming special edition of the Clue board game from USAopoly later this year.

Thank You for Being a Fiend

Instead of a murder mystery with Professor Plum, the mystery in the Golden Girls household is simply: who ate the last piece of cheesecake?

The Golden Girls Clue® features a custom illustrated game board, where players attempt to solve the crime of WHO ate the last piece cheesecake, WHAT they left at the scene of the crime, and WHICH room they did it in.

Golden Girls Clue Game Board and Box
Golden Girls Clue Game Board and Box

The gals would commiserate about the latest drama with a decadent cheesecake frequently in the series. A cheesecake helped at least 147 times, if Dorothy is to be believed!

A variety of flavors showed up during the show’s run, not just plain cheesecake. Flavors ranged from lemon to double fudge amaretto ricotta.

Golden Girls Blanche Devereaux I need a cheesecake animated gif
The ever-relatable Blanche Devereaux

What’s Included

Six Themed Metal Tokens

The game includes tokens that serve as evidence, unlike the weapons of the original. The tokens include a can of hairspray, a robe, a purse, a tube of lipstick, a rattan chair and a high-heel slipper.

Golden Girls Clue Weapons Tokens Purse Lipstick Robe Hairspray Chair High Heel
Golden Girls Clue “Weapons”

Six Custom Movers

Are you more of a Blanche or a Rose? Take your pick from the four main characters, as well as two mystery callers to bring the player count up to six.

Golden Girls Clue Figures Movers Rose Dorothy Blanche Sophia
Golden Girls Clue Movers: Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia with two mystery men


Golden Girls Clue Game Board
Golden Girls Clue Game Board

The custom illustrated game board subsitutes the stately mansion from Clue for the more modest Florida home in the Miami-set television show. Locations on the board include the girls’ four bedrooms, the kitchen, the bathroom, the garage, the front yard and the lanai.

Cards, etc

Cards included with Golden Girls Clue
Cards included with Golden Girls Clue

A plethora of cards are included to place in the accusation envelope. These include–

  • Six suspect personality cards with custom gameplay
  • Rumor cards featuring six suspects
  • Six cards for each piece of evidence
  • Nine location cards
  • Distraction Cards
  • Custom Scoring Pad (Clue sheet & envelope)
  • Instructions

Who ate the last piece of cheesecake? Use your powers of deduction until only one suspect remains! You can buy it now on Amazon.

Golden Girls Only One of Us Left